15 Movies Filmed in Out-of-This-World Locations that Really Exist



Have you ever been so enamored with the look of a movie set that you wished that you could go and visit it in real life? Most of us have – especially when it comes to science fiction and fantasy movies that are set in locations that look like they don’t belong to this world. However, there are plenty movies that were actually filmed in real places that actually exist, even though the locations look on film as if they were built on a Hollywood set or inside a computer. Here are 15 such movies that feature out-of-this-world filming locations.

1. Terminator (Griffith Observatory)

This is a location that has been used in a lot of movies, but it fit the post-apocalyptic vibe of the Terminator movies the best. You will see Schwarzenegger coming out of the Griffith Observatory in the first Terminator movie. This is when he appears for the first time. It is also revisited in Termination: Salvation. The location can also be seen in The People vs. Larry Flint and Rebel Without A Cause, so it’s definitely an iconic setting that many have used. However, no one used it better than it was used in the Terminator movies, and it provides an incredibly dark and morose setting for the plot to begin unfolding. The observatory is actually a pretty popular tourist spot that a lot of people visit regardless of the movies that it has been seen in. But the Terminator films used the strange and foreboding architecture to its highest potential.

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