1982’s Poltergeist Is Still Deeply Disturbing



Did you know that Poltergeist 2 is being released this summer? Yap, they decided to reboot another franchise, nothing surprising about that…

Many people think that this is Steven Spielbergs’ baby, but lets not forget that this movie is very scary and gritty for that time. All this comes from the director Tobe Hooper, who changed the cinema history just eight years earlier with his Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Poltergeist stood the test of time, with so many iconic scenes that can still bring the chills down your spine. Just remember the tree scene….


This family drama that slowly turns first into a thriller and then a horror, has all those cult elements that movies like this have. Cast is just phenomenal and this is where that famous Spielberg magic starts to work. The directions and the overall vibe that he gave out during the filming was the glue that binded all the different parts of it. Combining such powerful elements like the urge to protect your family, mythology, fear of the dark and many more, Spielberg and Hooper created a work of art that spawned many sequels.

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