20 Best Marvel Acting Performances



Marvel Studios have made some of the most popular superhero movies of all time and although not all of them have been successful with critics or audiences around the world, each has contributed greatly to a magnificent universe developed from the world of comics.

We present a list of 20 Marvel actors and actresses that gave amazing performances:

1. Hugh Jackman as Gabe Logan/Wolverine

Hugh Jackman established himself as an international star by playing one of the most loveable superhero mutants in the X-Men and Wolverine films. Although not all the X-Men and Wolverine films have the same quality, one thing’s certain – Jackman’s performance is always outstanding.

‘’I had this image in my head of De Niro in that remake of “Cape Fear”. You were terrified of that character from the moment he took his shirt off and you saw all the tats; you know he was this coiled spring that would rip your head off, no matter how nonchalant he acted. That’s who Wolverine is.’’

No one knows Wolverine better than the amazing Australian actor and we hope to see more of his astonishing performances in the future.

‘’I love the character. I love the series. I would never take it for granted or do it for the hell of it. I have to feel like I really have something to offer and we’re going to take Wolverine on a slightly different journey. Otherwise it’ll be time to hand over the claws to someone else, and I’m sure there will be many lining up to do it.’’

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