21 Biggest Tearjerker Moments In Movies



People sometimes like to watch movies for their sad aspects – whether it helps viewers identify with the problems the characters are facing, or they just like watching actors depict sorrow and sadness, it all amounts to the same thing. But often, the sad, depressing scenes catch us off-guard and leave us sobbing like little children. Here’s a list of 21 such scenes, during which viewers simply aren’t able to control their outbursts of emotions:

1. Old Yeller

Old Yeller has really set the standard of how to destroy the innocence of children, not only in the movie but everywhere. It’s really fascinating how most of us are able to watch humans mercilessly hacked to bits and pieces, ground in machines, mutilated, disemboweled, and hurt in various other brutal ways without even blinking an eye. But as soon as you start bringing animals into it, you’re crossing the line. Humans have far less empathy for anonymous humans than for anonymous cats, dogs, and other animals (at least in movies). However, humans are often jerks whereas animals are completely innocent by their very nature.

Old Yeller features quite possibly the most famous incident of a beloved dog having to be put to sleep. The moment feels like someone ripped your heart out, stepped on it a couple of times with a bulldozer and then threw it off Mount Kilimanjaro. Travis’ face as he is forced to shoot his faithful Mastador, who is infected with rabies after defending the family from wolves, is maybe one of the saddest things ever.

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