21 Greatest Hollywood Comebacks Of All Time



The phrase “here today, gone tomorrow” is a popular one used to describe many Hollywood actors who showed potential but ended up being nothing but a flash in the pan. However, there are some who were given a second chance to find stardom again and made the most of it. Here are 21 actors who made glorious comebacks in their careers after everyone had seemingly forgotten about them.

1. Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke was at one point one of the sexiest men on Earth. Not just because of 9 ½ Weeks (well, at least not completely because of it), but also because of his rugged charms seen in much-loved movies like Barfly, Angel Heart, Diner, Body Heat and Johnny Handsome.

All those movies were made in the ‘80s. What exactly happened to Rourke to make him fall of the grid so hard is uncertain, but we do know that at the beginning of the ‘90s he decided to go back to boxing. Then he disappeared, and when he came back in 2005, we saw what the sport did to him. His broken face was miles away from the gorgeous man we knew and loved in 2005 Sin City.
Yet that movie wasn’t his actual comeback. That came in Darren Aronofski’s masterpiece The Wrestler, where the comeback actor plays a comeback wrestler, just as broken and messed up as he is. The role was critically acclaimed, but the well-deserved Oscar escaped him.

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