21 Movies Actors Are Ashamed Of



2. Die Another Day

Oh wow, this was a really painful movie to watch. Die Another Day is such a terrible story that it actually forces you to make fart noises with your mouth every couple of minutes. It’s ridiculous, the plot is so hard to catch on to that you are constantly wondering who with a sane mind would believe something like this – it’s downright humanly impossible. Sir Roger Moore even said that it’s over the top, and that’s coming from a man who was Bond in space.

And the acting, sheesh, it’s like a set of close-ups with the actors looking like they just swallowed something nasty. Pierce Brosnan delivers a dreadful performance, second only to Halle Berry (hello again Halle, long time no see).

The movie also features Madonna, which seems like just another bad decision, to say the least.

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