21 Super Sexy Movie Scenes You Just Have To See



Sex sells. Sex has always sold and sex will always sell. It is just the way things are and will forever be. And if anyone is aware of this, it is Hollywood. Sex has been a big part of movies from the very beginning and even though there were eras when sex was not particularly welcome in movies, there was always at least the promise of sex. Hints, if nothing else.

Today, we are celebrating those sexy and steamy moments in the history of film and we are giving you a cross-section of an enticing part of the Hollywood history, the part that many people are not too happy about. We are not prudes and we believe that these momentous erotic scenes have every right to be considered part of Hollywood as we know it.

It goes without saying that some of you will find the list incomplete or faulty in many ways, which is always a possibility with a selection that, in the end, depends a lot on the selectors and their individual tastes. Still, we tried to make it as objective as possible, so keep that in mind as you remind yourself of the 21 steamiest and sexiest movie scenes of all time.

1. Last Tango In Paris (1972)

Last Tango In Paris has been lauded as one of the most audacious and steamy movies ever since it came out in 1972 and you would have to be crazy to even try and argue this. It is a movie in which Marlon Brando, although by that point already past his prime, flaunts all of his inner attractiveness and allure that have nothing to do with how he looks or what he wears. He is just Brando, with all his magnetic presence, although he is a bit of a jerk in the movie.

Our chosen scene from Last Tango is the quickie scene between Brando and his much younger partner Maria Schneider. The scene is pure sex, no talk, no longing looks, no nothing. They both want sex and they will have it.

It is probably the shortest scene on our list, but also one of the most intense.

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