21 Worst A-List Actors



Have you ever looked at a big time celebrity and just thought to yourself – how the heck did this person become so popular? There are quite a few Hollywood stars who aren’t incredibly talented and how they made it onto the A-list is anyone’s guess.

Perhaps they were lucky, but maybe it’s our fault for liking them even if we shouldn’t. Here are 20 A-listers that fit that bill.

1. Jennifer Aniston

To be fair, Jennifer Aniston did a great job on Friends. No wonder she was the most highly paid cast member there – she was great, witty, charismatic, and she looked great (despite some terrible late ‘90s hairdos).

However, after the show ended, Aniston seemed to have fallen into a rut when it came to roles she picked. It was always some funny but kinda sad woman either being dumped or in search for true love. Her movies weren’t terribly successful and we’re confident her acting didn’t help. It’s like she’s always playing the same person.

Still, everyone loves Jennifer Aniston. Maybe it’s the old glory from her Friends days, maybe it’s the fact she’s still pretty hot. They don’t cast her as much as they did a few years ago, but she’s still around and she’s still as uninteresting and unconvincing an actress as ever.

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