21 Worst A-List Actors



2. Robert Pattinson

When it comes to Robert Pattinson, it’s pretty clear that the dude doesn’t even need to be a good actor. After the Twilight Saga, he’s gonna be sought out for big budget movies alongside other A-listers for at least a couple of years more than he deserves.

And we hope he knows how to use these prolonged 15 minutes of fame, since it’s probably not the best idea for him to rely on his talents alone. Or, the lack thereof, to be precise. Sure, Pattinson is hot.

He’s hot in a way that gets millions of teenage girls across the word going. But he’s a lousy actor. His face is virtually expressionless, which worked great when he played a vampire, because we all partially imagine vampires being devoid of any feelings and sensations.

But, as we could see from his other movies, such as the 2010 coming of age drama Remember Me and the 2011 Water For Elephants, he pretty much uses the same acting techniques, which are no longer working.

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