25 Years Later, Thelma & Louise Still Resonates With Women



If you rewatch Thelma & Louise today, it still as relevant and awe-inspiring as it was when it came out in the summer of 1991. Looking back at it now, many cinema experts believe that a movie like this one could not even be made today. Why is that? Is it because gender roles have become to focused? Is it because of heightened political correctness in Hollywood?

Whatever it is, the movie stands as a lost relic – a once-in-a-lifetime type movie. It follows two women who become outlaws and go on a violent roadtrip after killing a would-be rapist.

Not many women in the history of Hollywood have one an Academy Award for best original screenplay, but Callie Khouri did for Thelma & Louise in 1992.

Not only that, but both of the female leads, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, were nominated for the Best Actress category and director Ridley Scott was nominated for Best Director as well.

While some tend to remember the movie for Brad Pitt’s amazing physique and his break-through performance, the movie is obviously a lot deeper than that and still brings a lot to the table, even today.

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