48 Hrs. Is The Mother Of All Buddy Cop Movies



The so-called “buddy cop” genre is pretty huge these days. But without one movie there would probably have never been a “Rush Hour,” “Lethal Weapon,” or “The Other Guys.” And that movie is “48 Hrs.”

Coming out in 1982, the movie practically gave birth to a movie genre of its own. The “buddy cop” formula is simple but so effective. Take two cops who are completely different in nature and let them solve crimes together. Making his Hollywood debut as slick convict called on to help catch a cop-killer, Eddie Murphy showcases the charisma that would turn him into one of the biggest movie stars of the decade.

He is coupled with a straight-laced, no-frills police officer played by Nick Nolte, creating the love-hate relationship that “buddy cop” movies work off best.

The combination of humor and action is what makes “buddy cop” movies so great, and “48 Hrs.” is where it all started.

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