6 Movies To Remember Paul Walker By



Paul Walker’s untimely death came as a shock to us all.

He was 40 years old when Porsche that his friend was driving crashed, killing them both. He may not be with us anymore, but his movie roles will stay forever as his legacy.

His career was marked by one movie, Fast & Furious, where he’s driven underground races, but his opus included many other. Although he was labeled as an action star, he was capable of much more, as he only started doing other genres.

So join me as we remember those movies that will forever remain as a testament of his acting career.

1. Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues is Paul Walkers first big movie, where he played Lance Harbor, a high school quarterback with such finesse and skill that it landed him a role in his next big film.

Being a movie about high school football, Varsity Blues didn’t allow Paul to step outside of the given role of a troubled boy with authority issues, but Paul reversed this.

He was the best actor they could hire for the role, adding charisma and character and showing that he’s not just some pretty guy who can act a little.

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  • Albert Harnois III

    Pleasantville should have been on the list. He was perfect as Chip.

  • Joy Ride is my fav! wish rusty nail would have been a bit more believable after the beginning his reason for being the bad guy fell through. still a solid movie love it!!!

  • Luna Moon

    Fast and the Furious was my favorite…..i just can’t believe hes gone….this is soooo sad…..wow..R.I.P.

  • scubydoo

    I loved Into the Blue…mostly because I’m a professional scuba diver….and Jessica Alba! RIP Paul !!