20 Proverbs The Movies Taught Us



Movies, though they are a form of entertainment, can influence us in more ways than we could ever imagine and teach us some of the most important lessons in life. There are thousands of brilliant quotes that have had an impact on both our lives and the entirety of pop culture, going down in history as the wisest words ever spoken by mankind.

Here are the greatest movie proverbs of all time:

1. “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

– Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight

Harvey Dent, better known as Two Face, says these iconic words before his transformation from a righteous district attorney and Batman’s friend and ally to the scarred, coin-flipping villain. What he means is that there is no such thing as an ultimate hero – all men are eventually morally ruined by power.

Dent actually compares Bruce to Julius Caser, who was loved by the common folk, but despised by powerful men. At the end of the movie, Batman repeats Dent’s words, finally understanding that he would either have to die in order to remain true to himself, or that the people would no longer perceive Batman as a hero.

Basically, he can either sacrifice his own life, or Batman’s reputation. As far as Dent is concerned, he died in a metaphorical sense because he became one of the bad guys – and lived long enough to see his fall.

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