6 Tweaks That Could Have Saved Spider Man 3



Spider Man 2 set the bar high. I had tremendous expectations going into the midnight IMAX screening of Spider Man 3, which certainly fueled my profound disappointment in the film.

Several years and a reboot later, I’ve had time to think. I don’t care whose fault it was, I just want to play with some ideas that might have made the film work.

My first five tweaks can work if Sandman stays in the picture, the rest hinge upon swapping him out, for reasons I’ll go into.

1. Sandman’s Daughter Dies As A Result Of Spidey Slowing Him Down In The Sewer.

At the construction scene in the end, Sandy says “the only thing left for me now is my daughter.” That’s not true as there has been no change in him throughout the movie. All he has been defending the whole time is his daughter, and if she’s so critically ill, he wouldn’t take this detour to kick Spidey’s ass in the middle of his quest to save her.

But if Spiderman’s interference had caused Sandy enough delay that his ailing daughter didn’t get medical treatment in time, now we have a mutual theme of necessary forgiveness from both hero and villain.

Or heck, the video game adaptation of the movie got it even better than the movie did. In it, Venom kidnaps Sandman’s daughter and coerces him to fight with Spiderman again.

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