20 Worst Animated Films



Cartoons are great. We grow up watching and loving them. But sometimes when we’re all grown up, we take another look at those same cartoons, and judge our past selves for having enjoyed them.

The following is a list of animated films I hope future adults will have that same sentiment about as their younger selves.

1. Hoodwinked

This film barely blipped on my radar as I watched it. Everything in it felt so tepid and taken off the shelves of better movies.

At the end of it, I found myself asking “what was so unique about this movie?”

The animation quality was pretty low, especially when compared to Shrek and other CGI movies and the script lacked those clever comebacks that made other movies so interesting and funny.

However, we can skip over the animation quality because this is an indie flick, meant to tell a tale and not to dazzle us with strong visuals.

The tale is also problematic, starting with the a-new-take philosophy that screams rehashing for money and ending with weak characters.

This movie, although it looks like something your kids would love is actually meant more for the adults.

This is the source for most of the problems it has. Hoodwinked tried to be both for adults and for children and failed.

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  • greenpear

    Hoodwinked happens to be a take off on the Japanese film, Roshomon and is very well done.

  • Haku

    This entire list is complete bullshit. Granted, Hoodwinked and Frankenweenie werent great, but they are in no way bad movies. The only film on this list that can be even considered bad is Final Fantasy. Happy Feet was a wonderful movie! The dance scenes were amazing to watch, and the music was definitely a clear sign that it wasnt made with just kids in mind (if it was, it would have used music that was popular at the time and not some of the greatest songs ever made). Shrek the Third, while not as good as the first two (the second was the best, by the way, and it did a much better job than the first), was still a fun film to watch. Hotel Transylvania was a great film also, with great characters and a pretty good (albeit cliche) story.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Seriously ? I liked most of this list except Hotel Transylvania that I haven’t seen yet.

  • anonymous

    this list loses credibility as soon as happy feet comes along, not only did it win the oscars and bafta but not a single individual that i know who watched it ever disliked it. it is actually a very funny movie, with fantastic drama and superior quality in animation if you have the blue-ray copy or seen it in 3d, If you’d know me, im a person who hates musical both in movies and animation but something about this animated feature made it one of my favorite movies of all time. please research your work before you publish them. I’d say part 2 is a bit boring but still not worthy to be considered among the worst animated.happy feet won most animated awards during 2006, was a box-office success grossing more than 3 times its budget and received an A in cinema-score audience rating,which makes it worthy to be included in the best animated films list with the likes of wall e and up. even Frank-weenie on the list goes less justice, i’ve seen far worst animated features, just ask me and ill make a new list for you.

  • Pat Kemmeter

    Hoodwinked was amazing!! Just sayin…

  • Carl Magee

    excuse me i thought fankenweenie was great it was funny and had it’s cute moments in it

  • Phantom DJ

    I liked Final Fantasy The Spirits Within.

  • Gemma R

    Nah Hoodwinks crap.

  • thefallen83

    Oh go to hell! Throwing Happy Feet under the bus! GTFO here!

  • Gordo Flores

    I didn’t like happy feet. BUT it won an Oscar. So… someone liked it enough to give it an Oscar, obviously this list is just one person’s opinion.

  • Krissy Rodgers

    What abt all the other sequel movies they remake

  • Oscar Luján

    Men, you really hadn´t seen a lot of animated movies, do you? You can fill this list with Barbie movies, all the rip-offs that come everytime a big animated feaute premieres (like Little Cars or Plan Bee). A lot to search from…. just movies for the last 10 years? I know animation was being monopolized by Disney in past decades and its just in this 2000´s that we have wide choice… but there´s also a lot of crap before (like all that nonsense “Land before time” sequels)

  • Otto Baron

    Gee, I had no idea the person who wrote this actually preferred “Foodfight”, the animated Titanic Movies, and several other truly awful animated movies to these. I really enjoyed Frankenweenie and Hotel Transylvania.

  • Shreklover

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  • bullshitt

    -list about worst animated films
    -no food fight at all
    10/10 would want to read again
    gg no re

  • Anon

    Thank you! I agree with you 100%. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and in no way should they attack the characters we know and love. I clicked the title for worst animated, not worst plot line (in my opinion).

  • Lt. Dan

    Sorry…but no mention of Foodfight? This list needs to get educated. Go watch Foodfight and tell me any of these movies are as bad as that…

  • Rob Grizzly

    I actually hate Happy Feet, but I have enough sense not to call it one of the “Worst Animated Films.” It was a bonafide blockbuster, and many families do enjoy it quite a bit. And many considered Frankenweenie a return to form for Burton. It’s one of his better movies in years. Where are these?

    Free Birds
    Space Chimps
    Arthur and the Invisibles
    Barnyard: The Original Party Animals
    Dorthy: Return to Oz
    Mars Needs Moms
    The Nut job

  • Jaime

    And it is quite good

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    I have watched it since that comment 6 months ago, and yeah, it was good ! 🙂

  • Jaime


  • manofredearth

    Not even slightly.

  • manofredearth

    What a crap list. Hoodwinked is brilliant and hilarious. Guess you just have to be intelligent to appreciate it. Of course, there’sabsolutely no excuse for Happy Feet to make this list. Go home, author, you are drunk.

  • Elfguy

    Interestingly, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within came out the same year as Shrek, and had far superior animation. A bit TOO real, as it crossed into Uncanny Valley Territory in a couple of spots, but it paved the way for a lot of the super-realistic animation we got later, like in Avatar.

    Clearly, the writer hasn’t seen very many animated films, if these are his picks for “Worst” There are some pretty abysmal animated films out there…and it looks like he’s only mentioned COMPUTER animated films, which means he’s left out decades and decades of truly awful animated films.

  • TheNate

    No Delgo?

  • TheNate

    And Delgo.

  • Bleu Cremers

    This list
    Is bullshit frankenweenie was nominated for an academy award… Pfoeh that means that movie must be terrible -.-

  • Gerard McGrory

    And Escape from Planet Earth

  • Gerard McGrory

    Delgo’s already on the list.

  • Can’t believe you placed Foodfight! at number nine!!!

    It deserves number 1 worst animated film of all time, and even that’s being generous…

  • I have to agree that a few of these movies shouldn’t be on here, including Tarzan, Hoodwinked and “Shrek the Third.”

  • Dayakar Padayachee

    in fact HOODWINKED, as a monster /horror classic fan, was the best tribute i have ever seen.

  • Dayakar Padayachee

    i mean frankenweenie

  • Zach

    Most of those sucked and deserve to be on that list but Tarzan was great. The music was extremely original and they did not do a bad job retelling an old story. That is was Disney does. The retell stories like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Snow Queen. Tarzan is just another Disney classic like all their other great movies.

  • arcturus

    The scariest part of all this is that adults would even consider watching such infantile drivel.

  • Jessie


  • Jessie


  • Elliot O’Connor

    Man… This list sucks! You’re a complete idiot with no sense of what artistic animation and great storytelling is…

  • “everything looks like something from a videogame” is that… supposed to be meaningful critique? because that’s a compliment, if anything.