20 Worst Animated Films



Cartoons are great. We grow up watching and loving them. But sometimes when we’re all grown up, we take another look at those same cartoons, and judge our past selves for having enjoyed them.

The following is a list of animated films I hope future adults will have that same sentiment about as their younger selves.

1. Hoodwinked

This film barely blipped on my radar as I watched it. Everything in it felt so tepid and taken off the shelves of better movies.

At the end of it, I found myself asking “what was so unique about this movie?”

The animation quality was pretty low, especially when compared to Shrek and other CGI movies and the script lacked those clever comebacks that made other movies so interesting and funny.

However, we can skip over the animation quality because this is an indie flick, meant to tell a tale and not to dazzle us with strong visuals.

The tale is also problematic, starting with the a-new-take philosophy that screams rehashing for money and ending with weak characters.

This movie, although it looks like something your kids would love is actually meant more for the adults.

This is the source for most of the problems it has. Hoodwinked tried to be both for adults and for children and failed.

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