8 Best Movies Starring Cats



Even though there are many movies out there that star dogs, there are also many movies that star cats in one form or another.

Here is a list of 8 such movies that are all about cats that will keep you laughing as well as reaching for the tissues.

1. Garfield, The Movie

Garfield the cat is an iconic character from a beloved comic strip. He received a CGI form back in 2004 when “Garfield, The Movie” was released. Voiced by Bill Murray, Garfield becomes jealous when Odie, the dog enters the house. When Odie goes missing after Garfield locks him out, Garfield feels guilty and goes to look for him.

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  • Lui Miller

    Garfield: The Movie is CRAP. The comic by Jim Davis is clever and enjoyable for children, teenagers and adults alike, the movie is lazily put together using many recycled story elements copied from other movies and cheap jokes which will only appeal to little kids under the age of 10, it makes too much unnecessary changes from the source material, the amount of product placement is sickening and it often tries to be forcibly “hip” without putting in up effort or creativity (eg. throwing in Black Eyed Peas songs for some reason and randomly showing Garfield sing and dance to “I Feel Good” at the very end).

    Jim Davis should’ve never allowed his creation to messed with in this way, this is why Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes turned down opportunities to bring his creations to the big screen, to keep them unspoiled and pure.