Actors Say “Tootsie” Best Movie Ever



A group of actors were recently asked to name what they believe to be the best movie ever created in Hollywood. And the results of the poll were pretty surprising, to say the least. Nope, “Citizen Cane” did not win the poll. And neither did “The Godfather,” although it did finish in second place.

Believe it or not, according to the 73 actors that were polled, including people like Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy and Andy Serkis, the greatest movie of all time is “Tootsie.” According to this new list made by Time Out New York, the 1982 comedy that features a cross-dressing Dustin Hoffman is the greatest movie ever made.

There was a lot of surprising stuff to see on the list, like ”A Woman Under the Influence” at number three and ”Boogie Nights” making it into the top 10. Of course, a recent BBC poll of movie critics yielded very different results, putting ”Citizen Kane”, ”Vertigo” and ”2001: a Space Odyssey” in the top five.

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