Aging Actors Best Part Of Star Wars Trailer



If you’ve seen the trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” then you can attest to the fact that you saw a lot of unbelievable things happen. Amazing special effects, lightsabers galore, huge interstellar explosions. But none of those things are that amazing, because you see them in Hollywood all the time.

What was amazing was the shot of 59 year-old Carrie Fisher and 74 year-old Harrison Ford embracing as the aging and gray-haired versions of Princess Leia and Han Solo. It really is something that you don’t see in Hollywood very often. Letting actors look their age and not only that, encouraging it and celebrating the fact that people actually get old.

To do the Hollywood thing would be to cut Leia and Han out of the new story completely, bring in the fresh faces and forget about their characters. But the writers and directors took the braver path, showing the two as enduring and surviving characters that have aged like fine wine.


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