Alan Partridge On The Big Screen Again



Steve Coogan plans to make a sequel to his famous comic creation, Alan Partridge.

The popular comedian had great box office success last year, so, he’s ready for a follow up.

The fictional character portrayed by this English comedian is a parody on sport commentators and talk shows that run on BBC 4.

The upcoming sequel to Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa will also focus on funny things that happened to Coogan while hosting radio and TV shows.

The movie should be released, and hit the UK box offices on August 13th. No details of the movie’s plot have been unveiled yet, but the audience is surely expecting action comedy.

The audience might remember Coogan from his previous movie project, Philomena, for which he went to great lengths to receive a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar nomination at this year’s Academy Awards.

Now, Coogan feels the need for reviving his old character, which would bring him back to his early days of acting. It was, in fact, a radio show that featured Coogan at the start of his carrier, in which Coogan had a role of the socially awkward, insecure, and narcissistic media host. The co-founder of Coogan’s production company Baby Cow, Henry Normal, told the press that “We are planning a sequel (to Alpha Papa), yes, that will be great.”

Alpha Papa was the name of Partridge’s debut on the big screen. In this movie, the staff of Partridge’s station was taken hostage by a disgruntled co-worker. This movie won the best comedy award at the 2014 Empire Awards and it beat out very stiff competition, including This is 40 and Anchorman 2. According to people close to the actor, there are plans of a comedic online series called Mid Morning Matters, and the Sky station has also signed him up to do some type of one-off program for them.

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