Ammelle Berrabah Gets A Lesbian Role In A British Movie



Do you remember the MTV craze for Sugababes? Well, Amelle Berrabah is back and she has a role in a new British film. Apparently, the former singer is taking on a racy role as well.

Her career came to a grinding halt in 2011, when the band broke up, which gave her an opportunity to try new things in show business.

Her first role will be in the British thriller called Plastic, co-starring Alfie Allan, and Downton Abbey actor called Ed Spellers. Scenes from the movie show Berrabah passionately kissing her co-star Chloe Goodman in a club. The recording of this scene has already caused some stir in the media. Being asked about her lesbian scene in the movie, Berrabah told The Sun:

“We were both quite nervous as there was a whole room full of people watching, We were constantly asking for balm so we could make sure our lips were nice and soft for each other.”

The press describes the film as the action-crime-comedy movie, which carries resemblances to Catch Me If You Can and The Italian Job.

The movie follows a mishap by two leading characters, Sam and Fordy, who steal from a gangster, without knowing who he is. They have to transport a diamond in order to save their skin. The sadistic crime boss gives them two weeks to raise £2 million, and they have to outsmart him.

The movie is set to be released in the UK next month, on May 14th.

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