Are Pokemon Getting A Big Screen Makeover?



Well, it was only a matter of time… Pokemon GO is an absolute hit right now, and rumors of a movie adaptation hit the fans only a couple of days after the game was released. Now we are in the midst of a Pokemon frenzy, and along with it come promises of a movie, Cinema Blend reports.

Word is going around that Legendary Pictures came victorious out of the battle of the titans (Sony and Warner Bros also worked hard on getting the rights) for the rights to make Pokemon into a cinematic feat. For all those fearing the result of this adaptation, we have words of comfort, as Legendary Pictures apparently know what they’re doing, just take a look at how good Warcraft turned out to be.

It’s true that this is not going to be an easy task, because of the huge fan base and the fact that a cartoon series is going to be turned into a movie. We’re still waiting for an official confirmation on this news, and until then we have Pokemon Go to keep us occupied.

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