Back To The Future In Actual 2015 Is Really Depressing


As any fan of “Back To The Future” knows, Marty McFly and Doc end up in 2015 in the second installment of the franchise. It’s a grand future, with hoverboards instead of skateboards and cars that run on garbage instead of fossil fuels.

The people at College Humor put together an animated video that shows the two main characters of the movie ending up in the actual 2015 instead of the 2015 that the movie predicted back in the 80s. And the results are hilarious, albeit fairly depressing.

We don’t have cars that run on garbage, we don’t have hoverboards. What we do have is electric cars that no one can afford and that weird handle-less Segway that all of the rappers are riding around on these days. Is 2015 disappointing? Or was the movie version of this year simply too good to be true?

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