Bale Won’t Be Playing Steve Jobs After All


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Just a couple of weeks ago, Aaron Sorkin, the writer of the new movie about late Apple founded Steve Jobs pretty much confirmed that Christian Bale was going to be the star of the movie.

But it seems that Bale is no longer going to do it, according to sources close to the Hollywood Reporter.

Sorkin recently said that Bale was the only person for the job and that he did not even have to audition for it. The writer also said that it was a very demanding role in which the main actor will be in every single scene of the movie.

Film director Danny Boyle is expected to meet with actors and actresses this week who are interested in the project. It was also announced last week that Seth Rogen would be playing Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, but that might now change considering that Bale is no longer on board.

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