Ben Affleck Defends Islam On National Television



Ben Affleck has been doing a lot of promo lately for his new movie “Gone Girl,” which is what led him to the Bill Maher show. But we presume that he didn’t expect to get into a heated argument about Islam, even though he might have expected such a show to get a bit political. Maher and his other guest, author Sam Hill, began talking about radical Islam, to which Affleck took offense.

Affleck might not have understood the topic at hand, and argued that Maher is propagating bigotry towards Muslims, even though it was clear that Maher and Harris were talking specifically about radical forms of the religion.

Even though Affleck agreed with Maher, who said that Islam is currently “the motherload of bad ideas,” Affleck retorted, saying that regardless of whether it was true or not, it was still “an ugly thing to say.

Perhaps he should stay out of religious debates the next time he tried to promote a movie.

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