Benedict Cumberbatch Lands Lead In Doctor Strange



There was a lot of speculation all around Hollywood as to who would be tapped to play the role of Doctor Strange in the new Marvel film. It seems that Benedict Cumberbatch will be getting the role after all. Sources said earlier that his work on the new Sherlock season and theater work were making it hard for him to find time to film the movie. However, sources report that he will in fact be playing Doctor Strange.

Initially, Joaquin Phoenix was the front-runner to get the job, but his people pulled him out of the competition.

After that, rumors were circulating that it was coming down to three people. Of course, Cumberbatch was one of them, but the other two rumored for the part were Colin Farrell and Keanu Reeves.

Obviously, Reeves has the least on his plate right now, so many were hinting that he would get the part, but it seems that Marvel and Cumberbatch managed to work something out in the end. The movie is expected to come out in July 2016. arth against magical and mystical threats.

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