Benedict Cumberbatch Writes Touching Letter To Fan’s Family



If you had any doubts about whether Benedict Cumberbatch is a good guy or not, get ready for a piece of news that will cast those doubts away for good.

Namely, the Sherlock Holmes star wrote a very touching letter to the family of Eve Shepherd, a 14-year-old Sherlock fan, saying that he is very sorry for missing her funeral due to filming obligations. He wrote her parents, apologizing and saying that he missed the funeral because he was “filming the show she loved.”

Her father Mark told PEOPLE magazine that he and Eve’s family were very touched by the letter, saying, “For him to have spent time to write to us and to comfort us in such a very difficult time is incredible.”

Eve has battled illness for a long time, undergoing more than 200 different surgical procedures in 14 years and she has been a fan of the show since it first aired.

Cumberbatch’s letter was read at Eve’s funeral service at Padgate Methodist Church in Warrington, U.K.

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