Best Movie Bloopers Ever? – Anchorman 2


Anchorman 2 was a movie that everyone was scared pretty scared about. The fans of the first movie were most afraid, as we all feared that it will be just another sequel cash-in milking of the same old stuff, or even worse –trying to make it something that it isn’t.

In the end, all of our fears turned out to be unwarranted because the movie was a total blast, in the same ridiculous vein as the first one, so irreverent and so funny without the feeling that everyone is trying to be funny.

And it is only when you see the blooper reel for Anchorman 2 that you realize that these guys are just funny and that the movie was simply a natural expression of their incredible talents.

No, really, these may just be the funniest movie bloopers of all time.

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