Bill Murray Still Could Accept Gostbusters 3 Movie Role



The movie director Ivan Reitman believes there is still a chance Bill Murray could accept the offer to play in the movie Ghostbusters 3, since all the previous times, Murray has never given his long term friend more than a two week notice for any movie they filmed together. Reitman hopes that the legendary actor may still be interested in the long awaited sequel, but is taking his time giving a complete reply.

Reitman has directed the first two parts of the franchise, but is now in the producer’s chair, admitting that Murray rejected to make his return as Dr. Peter Venkman, and has not been counted on since the filming of the sequel was first announced, but Reitman still believes the good-hearted comedy actor will not disappoint his fans and will make a surprising come back. He is basing his hopes on their previous cooperation on 1979’s Meatballs and 1981’s Stripes.

The producer of the sequel stated:

“All the other movies I made with Bill, he never told me he was doing it until… well, the longest was two weeks. Meatballs, he told me he was doing it the day before.”

Reitman is happy to announce that “There will be many people from the original cast”, Murray’s co-star Dan Aykroyd, who is expected to officially accept the job, and others.

Unfortunately, one cast member will not make his appearance, and he will remain in all of our hearts, actor and co-writer Harold Ramis, who died in February. Reitman tells the press, “Harold brought a groundedness (sic) to everything he did. He was a smart guy, and I think that will be missing. There’s something about Harold that nobody can replace. (Ghostbusters 3) will be good, but it won’t be what it could have been.”

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