Blade Runner – Still The Best SF Movie Ever Made



Star Wars may be more famous, Alien may be scarier and Solaris (the Soviet original from the 1970s) may be more cerebral, but Blade Runner still remains the best science fiction movie ever made.

We are hearing news that Ridley Scott is producing the sequel to his arguably best movie ever and it is the perfect chance to revisit Los Angeles of 2019 where rain is never-ending, where Rutger Hauer tries to evade Harrison Ford and where the fine points of what makes humans human are discussed in an elegant and clever way.

It is a marvel how well Blade Runner aged and how relevant it feels to this day. Ford is at his best, Scott managed to fulfil his vision to perfection and the score by Vangelis still feels like music from the future, yet so familiar and warm.

In case you have not yet seen the best SF movie of all time, make it your #1 priority today.

Just make sure you see the “final cut” and not one of the other, inferior versions.

Trust us; it makes a ton of difference.

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