Bryan Cranston Would Like To Play Mr. Sinister



When asked recently in London during the premier of his new movie “Trumbo” about what Marvel supervillain he would like to play, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston said that he would like to have a nasty character created for him from scratch.

However, at this weekends Comic-Con in New York, the actor changed his tune a little. He said that he would love to play Mr. Sinister.

Mr. Sinister is an X-Men villain with a great backstory. He was a regular man from the 19th Century named Nethaniel Essex who was obsessed with Darwin’s theory of evolution. The death of his son forced him into seclusion and he spent all his waking hours on research, trying to prove that humans are mutating. However, nobody believed him, not even Darwin.

After his wife died trying to give birth to another child, she tells him on her deathbed that she will never forgive him choosing his research over his family and that he has become sinister.

This is where the name comes from. He eventually gets some superpowers from another villain, Apocalypse, and boom – Mr. Sinister is born.


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