Captain America Sequel Earns $96.2 Million



The long-expected sequel to Captain America racked in 96.2 million dollars at the box office this weekend, beating all the featured films together by more than 50 percent.

The second most watched movie, Noah, got 17 million dollars, followed by Divergent, with 13 million dollars.

God’s Dead cashed in 7.7 million dollars and West Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel reached about 6.6 million dollars.

The producers say they were expecting massive ticket sales, but even they say they weren’t sure about how big of a hit the movie would turn out to be.

So far, it has been a huge success, collecting over 303 million dollars word wide. In fact, The Winter Soldier may not only be April’s biggest hit, but this year’s as well.

The sequel to Captain America was more successful than another comic book hero sequel, Thor: The Dark World which managed to net 85.7 million dollars the opening weekend of its November’s release.

The movie has been a huge success across the globe, covering approximately 92% of all the cinemas.

As a part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, along with Iron Man and Thor, the movie features Chris Evans, Scarlet Johansen, Samuel L. Jackson, and Robert Redford. The patriotic superhero fights a new threat from forgotten history – a Soviet Agent called Winter Soldier.

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