Carmen Ejogo Considering Role Of Coretta Scott King In New Historical Drama



Carmen Ejogo will probably accept the role of Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King Jr. wife, in the movie ‘Selma’, according to reports. At the same time, the famous human rights activist will supposedly be played by the star David Oyelowo.

The audience may remember the attractive British actress from such movies as Kenneth Branagh Love’s Labor’s Lost and from a 2001 HBO TV movie called Boycott, where she already played a role of Coretta Scott King.

Tom Wilkinson is set to play President Lyndon B. Johnson in ‘Selma’, whereas Ava DuVernay (who directed Middle of Nowhere) would be the director of the movie. David Oyelowo’s previous hits include the notable appearance in The Butler, an Oscar nominated movie, and the main role in Middle of Nowhere.

The drama is about the 1965 landmark voting rights campaign in Alabama. It will chronicle the race protests in Montgomery, where black protesters demanding their rights to vote, got beaten by the police.

The protesters, lead by Martin Luther King Jr. made three attempts to complete a march from Selma to Montgomery, and each time more people joined. Correta Scott King, who is to be played by Ejogo was a very important figure in the protests, as both an activist and a supportive wife of Martin Luther King Jr.

It was announced that Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner (who produced Oscar Winning 12 Years a Slave) were members of the team of producers.

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