Christian Bale Gives Thoughts On “Dark Knight” Ending


"The Dark Knight" Press Conference

Christian Bale can’t seem to let go of Batman. It was only recently that he gave an interview saying that he was really jealous that Ben Affleck was asked to play Batman in the new movie on its way, adding that he was not even ask whether he wanted to do it again or not.

And now he is back talking about Batman, this time about what he believes the ending of “The Dark Knight Rises” actually meant.

Fans will remember the eerie ending to the movie. Alfred sees Bruce Wayne sitting in a cafe with Seline Kyle and they sort of nod at each other before Alfred takes off. Many fans believe that this was supposed to be a dream sequence, and that Batman is dead. He was blown up by a nuclear bomb, after all.

But Bale does not believe that it was intended to be a dream. He said that he believes that Batman is definitely still alive at the end of the movie.

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