Christopher Nolan Creates Comic To Provide A Backstory For Interstellar



If you are one of those who came out of the movie theatre after Interstellar with a big question mark about your head, then you’ll be pleased to learn that director Christopher Nolan created a comic strip called Absolute Zero that provides a backstory for the movie, more precisely, for the character of Doctor Mann, played by Matt Damon.

This is quite an unusual gesture from Nolan, who is notorious for not giving any answers or explanations of “mysteries” in his movies. He usually likes his audience to figure it out on their own.

This time, however, he probably thought it would be nice to have a little comic to accompany the movie and answer some questions.

Absolute Zero will be featured in the new issue ofWired that comes out on November 25. The whole issue will also be co-edited by Nolan himself.

Sean Murphy, author of the Punk Rock Jesus, Shaun of the Dead and Joe the Barbarian comic books, illustrated the comic strip.

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