Cinderella Brings in $70 Million Over The Weekend



We are definitely seeing a trend. It seems that after an avalanche of superhero movies in the last decade or so, we are about to experience an avalanche of live-action fairy tale adaptations.

With Cinderella bringing in more than $70 million this weekend only, it seems certain that this is just the beginning. In addition to the millions it made in the US, Cinderella almost added as much overseas, putting its total this weekend to $132 million.

Cinderella literally obliterated the competition this weekend, with the second highest-grossing movie being Liam Neeson’s latest action escapade Run All Night which only managed to bring in $11 million, lower than already disappointing projections of $15 million.

The future plans for Disney include live-action adaptations of their animated classics Dumbo and Beauty and the Beast.

With the money Cinderella is making, their plan makes perfect sense.

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