‘Coherence’ Is An Eerie Dinner-Party Drama




Sometimes, just sometimes you can guess from the first few minutes that a movie is going to be awesome. Coherence is one of those movies. It starts rather slowly, baiting the viewer before the real thing starts showing. 

With a rather small budget, director James Ward Byrkit, who also wrote the screenplay for this science fiction gem, accomplished so much more than those big budget Hollywood blockbusters. I know it’s a sacrilege to compare this movie to the ingenious The Man From Earth, but it has a similar vibe. Another movie that resembles this one is Ex Infini, that you might wanna check out when it comes out.

It all starts timidly, with a simple dinner that soon starts to turn into something more with a strange comet that appears on the sky. All electronic devices soon start to malfunction and all the signs of the apocalypse are there.

Set in one house in Los Angeles with events that unfold in real time (although here real time should be used carefully), Coherence is a conundrum that you will have to figure out for yourself.

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