Cool 1970s Movies: Foxy Brown


When you got an actress like Pam Grier return for another kick-ass Blaxploitation action movie, when you got an insane soundtrack done by Willie Hutch and when you got a plot that knows where it’s going; it does not matter that some of the scenes are not really shot masterfully or that the production values may slip here and there.

You got yourself a masterpiece and the masterpiece we’re talking about is Foxy Brown. Many people consider Foxy Brown to be the ultimate Blaxploitation movie and while some might disagree, they will never be able to disagree that it still stands as the ultimate Blaxploitation movie with a female lead.

And what a lead! Pam Grier did everything she did in Coffy and then turned it up to 11, dispensing her justice on all kinds of people who prey on the young, the helpless and the downtrodden. Pam is just unbelievably cool as she takes care of everyone who stands in the way of her revenge and the best thing is that she never “turns into a man” in order to do so.

Modern movies that try to be empowering and feminist should take a long hard look at how it was done in the 1970s. Man, the 1970s were great for movies.

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