Cool 1970s Movies: The French Connection



The French Connection is another classic from the 1970s that gives you a perfect idea of what filmmakers were able to do before studios went in and started controlling absolutely everything in the movie industry.

It is one of the grittiest thrillers of all times, with Gene Hackman giving the performance of his life as Popeye Doyle who works with his partner Buddy Russo (played by always stellar Roy Scheider)to bring down an operation that is smuggling heroin into NYC.

The movie takes you on a ride that never slows down for a moment and that is always so incredibly real that you truly feel like you are part of the 1970s NYC – so dirty and so intense that you will feel like you need a break every ten minutes.

But it does not give you a break. It churns towards its incredible ending that no one could make today.

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