Crowd Funding Campaign Collects Enough Money For Independent Macbeth Adaptation



The adaptation of the legendary Shakespeare’s Macbeth is about to start production, featuring Rupert Grint, the loveable John Weasley from the Harry Potter film series. The moviemakers collected the money through a crowd-funding campaign, and can now start filming.

The big screen production of the play will be called The Enemy of Man, and will be made after the makers gather more than $ 250,000 (£156,250). The fundraising was finished on April 6th. The estimated budget will be £ 4.5 million. The campaign was launched on the crowd-funding site in order to cover the pre-production costs required to set the project off.

According to the preliminary cast members info, Rupert Grint will play Ross, MacDuff’s cousin and messenger. In the play itself, this is a minor role, but as this is an adaptation, the audience has yet to see which moments the movie will focus on. Sean Bean was already selected for the protagonist, and Charles Dance from Game of Thrones will play King Duncan.

Bean is known for his role in Lord of the Rings, and for previous collaboration with Vincent Regan in Troy. It will be an independent movie, and even though Regan directed 300, The Messenger, and other movies, he has experience in directing Shakespeare, as he previously directed Macbeth in the Royal Shakespeare and National theaters in London.

We are yet to see which actress will be given the main female role of Lady Macbeth, who has an important part in this Shakespeare tragedy.

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