David Hasselhof Stops Auction Of His Super-Sized Statue



Among the stars who like to auction memorabilia from their sets or videos, the Hoff beats everyone else. Not only did he auction off that famous denim jacket with Disney characters and rainbows, and his “Hooked on Feeling” video jacket, this time, the Hoff has decided to auction his 14-foot (4.2-metre) long model of himself, but quickly changed his mind.

Baywatch leading star had his gigantic statue made in a horizontal swimming position, in his recognizable red shorts. The prop was made for filming The Spongebob Squarepants Movie in 2004.

The hilarious gigantic statue has since been used in David Hasselhoff’s Comedy Central Roast, and in the Jimmy Kimmel comedy show, where it was turned into a desk. The comedian even interviewed actress Emma Stone on his show last Thursday, April 3rd, using this prop.

The estimated value of the statue was between $20,000 (£11,914) and $30,000 (£17,871). There’s been such huge interest into the item that its value immediately started to rise to $28,000 (£16,680) in pre-auction bidding.

Hasselhof’s swift decision to halt the selling of the item at the charity before the first bids were to be placed, may have been a result of the publicity it was getting. The Hoff hasn’t come to terms yet with parting with the image of himself in his best days. President of Julien’s Auctions, Darren C. Julien says “He thinks so much of himself that he pulled it.”

The auction is to take place on April 11th-12th, as a part of Julien’s Auctions Hollywood memorabilia event, and the smiling giant Hoff was to be sold as the main piece. The auction also includes estate of Greta Garbo and Jonathan Winters, animation art from Marilyn Monroe, as well as stuff from Fran Drescher and Ice-T. It also includes other items from Hasselhoff.

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