DC Comics To Make Their Own Guardians Of The Galaxy?



There’s no denying that Guardians of the Galaxy is the breakout hit of the year in movie theaters. And therefore, it’s also no surprise that DC Comics is looking to make a movie of their own that could be a similarly huge hit.

According to rumors from sources close to DC, they are working with Warner Bros. and are in the early phases of developing a movie based on the Legion of Superheroes.

Of course, this is in the initial phase, if it is true. According to the source, DC Comics has sent the idea out to writers, and expects that these writers will try to make something out of the idea and pitch their stories to get the ball rolling.

The Legion of Super-Heroes was introduced in 1958 and then rebooted back in 1994. The team exists in the 31st century of the DC Universe and includes a very diverse range of super heroes.

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