Denzel Washington Gets Taught How to Act Drunk By Ian McKellen



Denzel Washington got some advice on how to act drunk by his elderly and renowned colleague Sir Ian McKellen.

Denzel has taken the tips given by his “mentor” seriously because it’s not always easy to pretend you’re intoxicated.

The Broadway play he’s starring in, called A Raisin in the Sun, requires the Oscar winner to be inebriated, but he seem to not have found a suitable teacher in the director Kenny Leon, who did not give him elaborate instructions on how to make yourself appear genuinely drunk.

That’s where McKellen came in, as he stepped forward to give his younger colleague advice on looking intoxicated. Apparently, Star Wars’ famous Patrick Stewart also participated in teaching Washington how to act inebriated.

The star of the Oscar nominated Flight told Vulture:

“There wasn’t a whole lot of direction for that scene… I was asking him (McKellen) about it, and he said, ‘Well, I just curl up my feet, and I kind of roll back on my heels a little bit, and then you’re always trying to get back on your toes.’ You know?… Now, I don’t do that the whole time I’m out there, but it’s a starting place… Now people will be looking at my toes!”

The Broadway play will be on until June. Washington is also scheduled to appear in the movie Equalizer, which is to be released on September 2 in US theaters.

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