Disney Working On Live-Action Pinocchio



So, we can probably be certain of the fact that Disney is really intent on turning most of their classic animated movies into live-action ones. Is it because they are running out of ideas or what? Who knows, but if you were stoked about the fact that they are making a live-action Mulan, you’ll probably be happy to know that Pinocchio will be given the same treatment.

According to initial reports, the movie is going to be written by Peter Hedges, who is best known for writing “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” among other movies.

There are no real details about the rest of the movie yet. We don ‘t even know whether it’s going to be set in 1883 like the original book, or whether it’s going to be a modern day story.

But we do know that it’s happening. Perhaps it will stick to the animated movie as much as possible, since that seems to be what Disney fans like most, judging by the fact that the live-action Cinderella movie was praised by fans.

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