Django Actress Reported Missing By Family



Misty Upham, the 32-year-old actress best known for her role in “Django Unchained” has been missing for about a week. Police in Washington have confirmed that her father filed a missing persons report and that no one has seen her or heard from her in over a week.

Her father Charles Upham also told police that she has a medical condition, but did not specify what it was.

She was last seen living her apartment in Washington last Monday. According to police, officers responded to a suicide call on Sunday and went to visit the apartment, where she lives with her parents. However, Misty had already packed some things and left her home. Family members fear suicide, since police already responded four times to suicidal calls from the apartment. According to her father, she recently changed the medication she was taking and has been acting erratically recently.

The actress recently wrapped up a movie called “Cake,” she stars Jennifer Aniston.

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