Do You Know Where The Real Grand Budapest Hotel Is Located?



Although one might assume that there is in fact a similar pink building in Budapest that inspired Wes Anderson to make The Grand Budapest Hotel, the location of the lookalike hotel is actually in Germany. Anderson explained that he wanted a ‘spa town’ as a location for the movie and that Budapest was simply too large a bustling city for filming the movie.

After searching for the perfect location for quite some time, the director finally discovered Görlitz, a small town in eastern Germany that had everything he needed. The entire cast and film crew stayed in the Hotel Börse, whose exterior is almost identical to the exterior of Grand Budapest. And believe it or not, the interior was created from scratch in an abandoned shopping mall.

The now-famous Republic of Zubrowka takes its name from a Polish brand of vodka called Zubrowka. Even though his strange Republic doesn’t really exist, Anderson told NPR that Görlitz was the ideal town for his imaginary country.

“Half of it is in Germany and the other half is in Poland. It’s on the border and it’s about 20 minutes from [the] Czech Republic, so in a way it’s really right where our story would be if there was such a place.”

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