Don’t Miss ‘The Little Death’



Sexuality and sex in general is one of those taboo subjects that are slowly getting more and more attention as the humanity carries on in its development. The Little Death or orgasm as it translates is a movie that tackles those subject through  the prism of the modern relationships.

Examining these things isn’t easy, but director and the writer of this movie Josh Lawson made it seem so simple. At the first glance. Comprised of several intersecting stories, it demolishes boundaries created by that false modesty advocates and shows us that we are all the same behind closed doors. Just no one has the guts to come out and say their weird sexual fantasies.

The thing that’s going to impact you the most is the reality of everything. You will recognize some of the couples or maybe all of them among your friends. Perhaps you’re even in the movie, so you better check it out, you won’t regret it…

Take a break from all those Hollywood hyped movies and enjoy in some original Australian humor.

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