Dougray Scott was Supposed to Play Wolverine?



According to reports, Hugh Jackman was not the original choice for playing Wolverine in the hit series of Z-Men movies.

He said that he got the job thanks to his good luck and the producer’s good memory, adding that there was another actor who was originally cast in the role.

According to Jackman, it was Dougray Scott that was initially supposed to play the superhero, but he had to drop out at the time because there were scheduling conflicts between the filming of the Wolverine movie and a movie that he was already committed to, Mission Impossible II.

Jackman said that nine months passed between his first audition and his final audition for the role. He said that he was in consideration for the part immediately, and was one of the finalists before Scott was chosen for the role.

He said that he was lucky that a producer on the film remember his audition, grabbed the tape and then showed it to the producers. He landed the job right after.

Also, it’s common knowledge that there were other big name actors that were up for the role. According to reports, Russell Crowe was offered the role, but he didn’t want to take it.

It definitely all ended up perfectly for Jackman. He has been playing Wolverine in a slew of movies over the last 14 years and he has even given his voice to Wolverine for the X-Men series of official video games.

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