Dying Star Wars Fan Gets To See New Movie Early



If you are a Star Wars fan, or just a good person in general, this story should warm your heart. Daniel Fleetwood is a 32-year-old who absolutely loves Star Wars. Just like every other Star Wars fan, he really couldn’t wait to see the new movie “The Force Awakens,” which is coming out later this year.

But unlike most Star Wars fans, Fleetwood was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer and was given two months to live back in the summer.

He has spindle cell sarcoma and has been battling to stay alive long enough to see the movie.

After this story broke, Star Wars fans around the world made it their mission to enable Fleetwood to see the movie right away. They contacted George Lucas, the production company, and even all of the Star Wars actors that had social media.

The mainstream media also ran with the story and everyone learned about Fleetwood’s final wish.

And his wish came true! His wife posted on Facebook yesterday that Fleetwood has seen the new movie, and that he absolutely loves it!

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