Emma Thompson Trades Career For More Time With Family



British actress Emma Thompson (55), two times a nominee and two times a winner of the prestigious Academy Awards, is seriously considering a long break from her successful acting carrier. The reason for this decision rests in her determination to dedicate her time to her family.

Thompson and her husband Greg Wise have two children, a teenage daughter Gaia Romilly Wise, and an adopted son Tindeybwa Agaba. Emma and her husband adopted the boy in 2003, when he was 16, saving him from the hardships of being a child soldier in a war torn Rwanda.

The star of Harry Potter and Sense and Sensibility is aware that business can take its toll on family life, so she is insisting on a long break to be there for her loved ones. The British movie star will be missed on the big screen, but she believes that it would be the best for her children to have her around whenever they need her.

She said the following to Britain’s Daily Express newspaper:

“You’ve got to work enough to earn your living, then just stop. That’s what I do, just stop for long periods so that my daughter gets used to having me at home. Everyone’s different. Some people take their kids to work with them but I don’t. I’ve always thought they can have their own lives and it seems a bit mean to drag them into yours.”

Sometimes, a balance needs to made between spending all time on set, and being a dedicated wife and mother. After the long break, she plans on getting back to the film industry.

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