First Official Pic Of Jared Leto’s Joker



DISCLAIMER: Our Just for Laughs segment of the day is brought to you by the most sinister of jokesters of all time – the Joker himself.

It will not be easy for Jared Leto to take on one of the most iconic comic book villain roles of all times, following the greats like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger who literally stole the show with their take on the Joker. Leto will do his best in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad and judging by the first official pic we have of him in the role, it is going to be a more “out-there” version Joker.

In the pic, Leto’s Joker has short green hair, some shade around the eyes and grills on his teeth. He also sports a wiry-ripped body and a ton of ink on his pecks and arms. A tattoo on his forehead reads Damaged.

It definitely looks like a less dark and a more insane version than Ledger’s Joker and to tell you the truth, we think it is a good idea.

In short, we approve of Leto’s Joker.

But, what does Jack Nicholson thinks?


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